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Shiba (OverWatch Oc)
Shiba Inugami
Age 25
Occupation: Adventurer/Samurai
Base of Operations: Okinawa, Japan
Affiliation: Inugami Clan

"Like the wolf, I lead a pack, but like a wolf, I am always alone."

Born to the infamous Inugami Clan, Shiba is a samurai who is enhanced with various biomechanical augmentations in order to achieve a body that combines animal abilities to the human tissue. In doing so he has reached a new peak of his abilities, having a lycanthrope like form.

He's the next heir to the Inugami clan, with a strong will to face all who stand in the way. However on his coronation to be head of the household he discovered a group of mercenaries working with several clansmen in order to ship their technologies all around the world to turn high bidders into biomutants. In an act to stop them, Shiba had started to face off against the various mercenaries, however he failed and the destruction of his clan was at risk. Gathering what little members he had left of his clan, Shiba has started a new revolution, a revolution to fight off against the evils of the world, and rip the traitor of his clan to shreds.

Shiba is armed with several weapons in order to fight off against the many forces of evil, such weapons is a katana forged with biomechanics, in it's own way the very blade is alive. Following his weapons, Shiba has a special chain like gadget that is able to extend from his tail to bind an enemy in place. Shiba also has unique droids, Lupus and Lobos who create small barriers, two at a time but they only last for 7 seconds, as well as shoot 6 rounds of pulse bullets each. Overall his most powerful feat is when he unleashes a feral instinct which pushes his biotechnology to the max, changing his arms and legs, as well as opening his very own mask to reveal the beast behind it, in this state he has an enhanced regeneration, higher speed and combat abilities but loses ability to uses any of his weapons, and will be vulnerable to a 15 second delay after his ability ends as he needs to recharge from a lag period.

Fighting as the wolf he is, Shiba fights with determination to rebuild his clan.
Road Rover Tribute
Hello everyone today is my birthday, yay! But today is also the birthday of a deviantartist named Darksilvania so check him out as well, anyways today is kinda a big day cause well, its also the date where the first Road Rover episode aired, and I'm happy to be sharing my birthday with it's creation. So I made this to celebrate it's creation and in hopes one day it will return, even if rebooted. So anyways peace out and see you on the roads Rovers!
Dungeon World: Win or Lose
To win you must deplete the enemy's HP or make them surrender. To lose you give up or have your HP depleted.
The same goes for the other game mode as well, however if an ally loses all their HP you still have a chance to win even without him/her.

Respect the rules and play on. Open the Dungeon Doors for Adventure. GAME ON!
Dungeon World: Turns
There's a set of Turns Players go by when playing this game, but you must also decide who goes first, a game of rock paper scissors would help, but if it's the second Game Mode the DM always goes first.

Start Phase: In this phase players draw three monster cards and two STI cards from their decks, in this moment they can move their player piece to unlock uncovered zones. They can use spells or abilities at this phase.
Summon Phase: In this the player rolls their dice to summon a monster, if two summon points are rolled they can summon a monster and unlock 6 uncovered spots as long their connecting to an uncovered spot. In this phase spells, traps, abilities, and items can be used as well, as well as summoning a LV 5.
Monster Phase: In this turn the players are able to spend points to move, attack, and defend with monsters and even equip present items.
End Phase: This is the end turn for the players and to pass to the next.

In the second gamemode however when the allied players turn comes they do it at the same time, giving them more time to plot out a strategy against the DM.
Dungeon World: Set Up
In order to play you need the following, a 15x25 squared board.
3 dice for each player.
Your decks. (Monster 20-30) (STI 10-20) (LV 5 monster 5)
Two trackers to keep your points measured.
The Ability card for your Player Piece.
A separate tracker to keep your life in check.
Finally two designated areas for the Bind and Grave zones.

However for the second game mode the set up is a bit different.
A 15x50 squared board.
3 dice per player.
Your decks. (For the allied team their decks stay the same, but the DM has a 40-50 monster deck, a 30 STI deck, and 10 LV 5 monsters)
Your point trackers
The ability cards. (However the DM has 3 instead of one)
Life tracker
Lastly the Bind and Grave Zones.


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